5 Top To-Do Things in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix serves as Arizona’s capital. It is also the city with the highest number of population in Arizona. Despite these attributes, it is also popular for housing the biggest museums in the USA’s western area. If you should get the opportunity to visit Phoenix or you are wondering what to do when you visit Phoenix, then here are some of the things you will surely enjoy in the city.

  1. Private Tours in Chase Field

Chase field is a location within Phoenix that has 6 levels covering more than 1,300,000 sq ft. For those who enjoy watching or being involved in sporting activities, there are fields for major sports including basketball, football, and baseball. It is also the home of the Baseball team that represents Arizona in the Major League. Thus, if you are a fan of the Arizona Major League, you can get to meet your favorite star in this location.

  • Science Center Arizona

The Science Center in Arizona is another interesting place you should see in Phoenix. It is a Science and Heritage Park that covers an area of 164,000 sq ft. It is a famous learning center as thousands of students, researchers and people who love Science visits the area on a daily basis for field trips and other reasons. There are also several educative seminars and science summits that are carried out within the location at virtually every time of the year.

  • Phoenix Zoo

The zoo in Phoenix is among the biggest zoos in the USA that is owned privately. There are more than 1,400 animals living within the zoo as well as over 30 species that are endangered. This implies that you can see these rare species in the location. Apart from the Science Center Arizona, it is the next most commonly visited Phoenix tourist destination.

  • Musical Instrument Museum

My friend does garage door repair in Little Rock for a living and as a result has alot of spare time to play music. This is his favorite museum! Millions of people who love music regularly visit this museum that is reputed for its enthralling architecture and interesting collection of more than 1,500 artifact and instruments of music. When you visit the museum, you are taken on a tour to see the various instruments. You will also get the opportunity to play some of the instruments.

  • Phoenix Art Museum

The museum was established in the 1900s and welcomes several features from all over the world. People who love art visit the museum to see the artworks by some of their favorite artists as well as various other works of art. You can also get to watch inspiring live art films and performances. It is a great family tourist spot.


These tourist sites in Phoenix are places you must visit when next you are visiting Phoenix. Other places you can also see in Phoenix include Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park, Penske Racing Museum, Pomegranate Café, Phoenix Symphony, and Phoenix Children Museum.