5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Orlando Florida

When it comes to traveling for fun or even for business, we often want to visit places where we can have several things to do. This is considering that we might not have the time or opportunity to visit such locations again. Orlando, located in Florida, is one of such locations that provide you with so much to do. 5 reasons why you must visit Orlando Florida are discussed below.

  1. Kennedy Space Center

My buddy who lives here and makes a living selling things on eBay always raves about this place. Located on Florida’s eastern coast, the center has become a major tourist location in the United States of America. It is a site where NASA utilizes for sending Astronauts to space from the surface of the earth. You can get the opportunity to watch such sights or just explore the location by visiting.

  • Orlando Seaworld

If you are an entertainment freak, then you will want to see the Seaworld in Orlando. You are sure to get an amazing experience as there will be a lot of shows for you to choose from. Other attractions are available within the facility that you can also visit including Stingray Lagoon, Dolphin Cove and Shark Encounter Tunnel. All of these listed attractions allow you to have quality animal experiences that you will not forget in a hurry.

  • Universal Studios

If you watch television series and movies, chances are that you must have watched a lot of movies that were produced by Universal Studios. A visit to the studio will allow you to enjoy several live shows, the like of which you will hardly find anywhere else. They also carry out seasonal events towards entertaining and delighting their visitors. Thus, you can find out when they have such seasonal events and plan your trip around that time. However, irrespective of the time you visit the studio, you are sure of having a very nice time.

  • Disneyworld

The Magic Kingdom of Disney is the first tourist park that was established in Orlando. It is living up to its hype in the town as more than 20 million visitors find their way to the park annually. Six various zones within the park are all functioning simultaneously. All of these zones offer you different but great experiences that will make your visit worth the while.

  • Universal Island of Adventure

If you love movies, then this is another spot in Orlando that you do not want to miss. It is easily one of the topmost Orlando tourist attractions. There are several islands within this location including Jurassic Park, Toon Lagoon and Harry Potter’s Wizarding World among others.


The presence of these 5 interesting locations in Orlando makes up 5 reasons why you must visit Orlando. Other interesting locations worthy of mention include Discovery Cove, Legoland, Disney’s Hollywood Studio, Gatorland Orlando and Aquatica Park.